Mobile Mechanic

We are the best at solving your problems with mechanics, automatic, and technology that goes with it!


We will take care of:

  • challenges that you set for us
  • heavy and light construction equipment
  • boats and water scooters
  • cars and motorbikes
  • trucks and trailers
  • custom designs

Our offer

Custom Projects

We are doing our job in communication with customer to give the highest quality for your corporation and with it we are good in situations that others can not handle and disappoint you. Knowing pressure of time we are elastic and can work in very hard condition and unstandard hours for every project to be finished on time.
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Our mobile service will control your machines and delate chaos, getting back regular process of work. Madeing this difference in place we will save your time and money that will benefit your corporation.

Ability and benefits of expertise in works with things like:

  • gasoline and Diesel engine
  • manual and automatic gearboxes
  • drive trains
  • hydraulic systems
  • pneumatic systems
  • electrical systems
  • process for tightness
  • welding by MMA, MIG-MAG, TIG - methods in a wide range of materials
  • soldering and gluing non-standard materials
  • knowledge of painting processes and processing of these surface
  • computer diagnostics of controllers
  • we have a mobile service
  • we have specialized tools

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